Galway city

Through Irish Eyes, A Year On.


After 9 episodes of Through Irish Eyes, the series is now coming home.

The brainchild of  Georgia TV producer William Collins Parker and Videographer Ashley Henderson has led me as the only Irish news reporter in local US television on many an adventure.

From Line-dancing to shooting guns and red-kneck wrestling to College Football, “The South” has shown itself to be a rich and diverse haven of culture and humor.

Next Month the series will focus on Irish Culture rather than that of American.The aim is to showcase Ireland at Christmas to the viewers in North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. Albeit 4200 miles apart their are many similarities and differences between both worlds.

Christmas is both a religion and family focused occasion for both societies yet the focus on materialism in the US as recently highlighted by “Black Friday” differ from that of the west coast of Ireland, famous for its “12 pubs of Christmas” and seasonal drinking and music.

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A poem for Galway


Dreams Fall

Hopes Break

A Nation stands

to view its fate

A gloomy queue grows

as emigration flows

with fathers, son and

daughters woes

Empty homes,

politician moans,

dire straits

at departure gates,

The Emerald Isle

of saints and scholars,

Barren and broken

to Dail Eireann Hollers

The spring is in its autumn

the summer in its fall,

one island, one hope,

to rise for all,

Now we turn our backs and flee

to return is beyond a simple plea

Look around and say goodbye,

embassies, visas, planes, fly o fly.