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The Interviews. Lives Less Ordinary

The Interviews. Lives Less Ordinary

After twenty odd written articles to this blog site and collection of rants i have decided to go slightly more visual and now

on will show a series of interviews i am conducting in the UK with people who live lives less ordinary.

Currently on the page is a two part interview with two Mormon missionaries sent to England to spread the word of their church.

Recently added is a short interview with a former Kashmir  Tv presenter currently living in the UK. I will slowly push the boundaries with the interviewees as the weeks and months go by and if you have any ideas dont hesitate to drop me a mail on either

Facebook: James P Mahon

or twitter: @JamesPMahon

I am also aware the editing and audio visual quality is not mind  blowing but bear with me and i will improve on the technical side, the interviewing ability and the quality and strangeness of the interviewees.

Thank you all once again.

New written articles to come on and weekly on the


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