Dope on a Rope, Galway 2011

From Ros na Run’s, Oisin Mac Coille director of the acclaimed Waiting for Elaine, The Companion  and numerous dark and captivating film shorts such as Ann andBoots comes Dope on a Rope. The film marks Mac Coille’s feature debut and the Cork Native who has made Galway his home in recent years is set to shoot the feature over the coming months.

The film will follow four mid twenties adults in post Celtic Tiger Ireland as they find a means and way to escape the monotony and tediousness of the lives they now live. The feature will delve into modern Irish society and explore the critical issues of current unemployment and substance abuse while tapping into the brain-drain of 2011 Ireland with the Guardian paper  claiming 50,000 young Irish adults will have emigrated by the end of this year alone.

Dope on a Rope will be produced by the vastly experienced Heather Grace Machale from Everchanging Productions and its primary focus will be to act as a window into the mix of cultures and subcultures that coexist  in Galway in this day and age.

Auditions will be held in the coming weeks and more information can be had at the following link

There shall also be an
80’s themed table quiz. Upstairs in Kellys on Bridgestreet.
Prize for best fancy dress

€20 for table of four

Oisins previous work can be viewed on youtube, below and all aspiring actors and cinematic and film heads are encouraged to get in touch.