quatar football

Brazil to Russia to Qatar, Footballs Journey for the next 12 years

Quatar football

Tonight we know now where we lie when it comes to booking flights for future honey moons, stag breaks and lads holidays,

England bow out to Belgium/Holland axis and Spain/Portugals Iberian dream burst with their impending economic perils now their sole focus, welcome to the bail out club ladies and gents!  Russia why Russia!, Vodka, Ballet, talented Writers, Ice skating, Stunning Women and Oil, but also fierce political clout!

Putin, Abramovich and the boys with the bucks called the shots in this one is a credible concept,  but first Brasil, home of football in 2014, south africa and germany have done their best but one can see brasil rocking this world cup,

beaches, babes, weather, food and culture that are enviable and a festival and carnival history! it will be crazy, the spiders, the insects the dodgy infrastructure! who cares, its brasil,

then from there to Russia, biggggg difference, culturally anyways, laws, rules, regulations  yet an atmosphere that lent itself wonderfully to the Champions League final Between Man utd and Chelsea which may be a reason for its selection also

To qatar, lets hope the oil is still there by 2022 , if not we will melt, that ginger gene will burn in the sand of the  camel land of oil wells and turbans,

It will be an interesting few years, and more articles on the world we live to follow,

over and out