Happy Feet

Applying Penguin Philosophy to the 21st Century:

Happy Feet 2 is in our theatres nationwide and after seeing how it delicately dealt with the issue of global warming a stronger message lay beneath what many will overlook as just as kids movie.

The isolation felt by the community of penguins left stranded due to polar ice shifts showed how vulnerable large groups of people are in modern society. The underlying message of staying true to yourself is similar to the disillusionment felt by many in light of years of reality tv.  Fickle and shallow so called “celebrities” have dominated western media which has lost the true meaning of celebration of talent and morals while  glamourising Jersey Shore, Big Brother and X Factor.

The demonstration of ingenuity verses brute strength between a penguin and an elephant seal showcased how we are no longer an age where muscle brings success  but thinking outside the box such as those in the IT sector. The appearance of man as shown to care only when the weather was tolerable and then vanish reflected much of what is wrong with modern Aid Relief for disadvantaged communities affected by a natural disaster. Man was visible and of use when it suited them but turned their back when times got tough and didn’t stand fast and deliver.

The initial rejection by the elephant seal when a lesser animal such as a penguin calls for help is a clear indication of the snobbery shown by major world nations and those in power to the people who truly cry out for assistance . The eventual team work and cohesion theme showcased how  big and small regardless of animal or ethos when working together nature was defeated and calm restored.

The puffin pretending to be a flying penguin may be looked at as false imagery and guidance, the popular and strong figure to the public eye was nothing but a fraud behind it all. A lesson can be learned from this as we constantly are led to follow the voice of the media on all topics and issues affecting our world and how often what lies beneath has a different tale.

The homosexual rejection of one krill for another and the desire to pull away from a mass or swarm displayed desires in all humans to push forward and beyond the boundaries of what we are led to believe is our place in the world.

Regardless there is more than just singing and dancing penguins to Happy Feet 2.