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Summer in the USA, Wanderings

As the United States loses an A in its credit rating and hurricane Irene is declared a category three the United States still stands and braces itself in the face of adversity and the ordinary everyday American remains optimistic.

From the sheltered Ivy League existence of Dartmouth College and its Frat and Sorority lifestyle to the dangers of Gary Indiana with its astronomical gun crime issue American people are carrying on with their lives. A recent interview with a  US Navy marine opened my eyes to true optimism in America as unemployment drops slightly to 9.1 million, The marine in question engaged at 20 after six months of a relationship with his fiancee stationed in San Diego spoke excitedly about true love and living for now as America was built on dreams and optimism so why wallow in misery and self pity.

As one in six Americans wake up hungry, one in four children remain under nourished while 30 per cent of the population are deemed over-weight,  Obama’s job becomes harder and harder as Bauchmann and Palin’s Tea party members climb and climb. A nation of extremes boasting three of the worlds five richest men yet has 43.6  million people living in poverty.  A country where the middle class is being lost to college loan debts and banks while many more enjoy lives of extreme excess in country clubs dotted all over the east and west coasts; positivity must stand face to face with these  major issues threatening modern 21st century America.

As the emblem of the Eagle sits surrounded by the phrase E Pluribus Unum, America must draw on Heraclitus’s words, “Out of Many One”,