Virtual Reality Tv


Virtual Reality TV

Katie Weissel and Storm Lee are names that will exist in our bubble society for a few more weeks and then vanishing, where will they turn up? A cruise ship in the Baltic sea? In a dodgy leaked internet tape? Or in Celeb Jungle Nonsense or Skating on Ice with washed up careers.  Since the turn of the Millennium our society has thanks to Simon Fuller and 19 Entertainment and a team of extremely smart psychologists working for ITV and Channel 4 become obsessed with Reality Tv, From Idol to Talent and from Jungle to Ice we have been washed around on a tsunami of tabloid driven materialistic frivolous crap. Miss Weissel it has emerged along with Mr Storm have previously tried and failed as recording artists and resort to x factor to try and create a musical career. Its pathetic that this glorified karaoke crap has become a viable option to become a recording artist, even though most of the people who win it cant even spell the word artist never mind write a sentence or a song. Out of curiosity and intrigue for these shows true realities i auditioned and became a  finalist in Big Brother in London this year and also in X Factor Dublin the disgusting way talent is brushed aside in favour of manipulation of fame seekers, people who are hurt or have  disabilities and the encouragement of sob stories and lies was revolting. Mary Byrne already won a talent show on tg4 Nollaig No 1 only a few months ago selling a pathetic  19copies of her lead single yet claimed on national television and also to those of us who auditioned before her and after in Dublin that she never had the confidence till now to sing in public. Once again we are fed lies by shrewd psychologists and tv execs in order to wheel some unfortunate muppet into the public eye before throwing them on the scrap heap of 21st century British television. Steve Brookstein washed up x factor winner, Leon Jackson forgotten about winner, Joe Mc Elderry beaten to number one by a face book campaign with a follow up single that couldn’t even make the top five, followed into number six in the Uk charts by Shayne Ward destroying Mr Cowells expensive purchase of a good Nickleback track. He spent three years recording an album, and returns with an album of covers sprinkled with auto-tune.  Stacey Solomon herself a product of reality tv who didn’t even win X factor is now flogging her existence eating kangaroo penis in celeb Jungle, the step before rehab for washed up wasters who are living off 15 seconds of fame.  When will our society stop texting, stop voting and stop encouraging the Celebration of these so called “Celebrities”! With facebook, bebo, twitter and myspace we have found channels for our human gossip cravings to be satisfied and now we must stand up and accept the reality that what is deemed Reality tv, is virtual, structured, rigged nonsense designed to tap into our emotions, manipulate our minds and pockets and provide a conveyor belt for IDOL/Factor products that are merely fickle purchases on our Amazon accounts and in Tesco carts driven by our consumer society.