So Bebo is Back?


In an effort to understand why former  social networking mega site has returned like Jesus from the Tomb, I spoke to one of the men behind it all, Shaan Puri a web developer and colleague of the site’s famous married couple creators.


1, Why now?

Bebo went up for auction, and we knew if we made a bold move we could get it. It was a calculated move, relatively low risk, high reward. We had an idea that  we were excited about for the new Bebo, so we decided to go for it. 

2, How has social media changed since bebo started?

First, mobile devices. Every year, there’s more and more people that are carrying around little super computers in their pocket.  The “old guard” of social networks were not designed for that, but they are trying to adapt. We’re starting with a concept that’s made for mobile. 

3, what do you hope to achieve?

Make something that millions of people love to use.

4, How soon will we see results?

Within 6 months hopefully.
5, how can the public play a role?
Believe that this impossible comeback can happen. By that I mean, give Bebo a try when it’s ready. From there, the product should make you fall in love with it. Email me at 

6, any advice for budding web and I.T designers and developers?

Put your product in people’s hands, earlier rather than later. Start learning what excites people and what turns them off, then go back to the drawing board. Also, if you’re a particularly talented developer, join us 🙂