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Eurovision or Euroschism: Interview With Klaus Woryna ESC Fanclub President Germany

Ukraine Eurovision Winner Ruslana

Q1 . DO you think the eurovision has entered a new era with more credibility and world attention?

eurovision has the same credibility as ever but the media echo is more positive after a the victory of a Western European country

Q2 do u think the new jury will remove block voting?

it depends how objective the jury is founded, it might be easy to “convince” few jury members of a certain result

Q3 with the recent european economic crash do you think some countries in crisis could feel the pinch if they have to host the competition next year?

no ESC is a matter of national pride, so each country will do its best to promote itself in the world, and hosting ESC brings back more money than that was spent on ESC (taxes, guests,….)

Q4 Do you believe as a european community the eurovision projects a strong and positive view of our continent abroad?

it Does; it shows no matter what politiians say, the people of Europe are united in partying and celebrating, they love music and struggle peacefully for a winner, that shows humaity and cleverness

Q5 Germanys success in showing a more fun and energetic side worked in 2006 with the world cup, do you think the eurovision showcases the more fun side of German people and culture?

well the answer is a mixed one. The funny side is important and shows that Germans may have humour indeed. But on the other hand the shows lack a typical German sign. They are mainstreamed, show multicultural interest and modernity, but lack the fever of ESC and most of all, as said before, something that remembers the people that the show is from Germany. So with that the message of Germans being funny gets lost a bit

Q6 have u experiened a larger world interest in eurovision from outside europe?

yes, here are at least 30 people from Australia that show that ESC is one of the most popular TV shows in Australia; on the other hand the music markets have an eye on ESC as far away countries broadcast ESC

Q7 Have jedward shown Eurovision spirit and represented us well?

they show their own spirit and that is a fresh one, as far as fun and partying is concverned that is the spirit of ESC, they represent Ireland quite well and bring fresh blood to ESC

Q8 can germany do the double and win back to back titles?

yes, Lena is my fav and for weeks I think she will make it although the most guys here now prefer Ireland

Gay Glee and Galway Shifts


With 10million views in America alone, the episode entitled Prom from the hit Fox series Glee finally grew up. The series has for over a year now promised so much with gifted script writers and directors from such tv shows as Nip/Tuck and CSI New York who have toyed and frolicked with serious issues in modern western society from teen pregnancy to obesity and peer pressure and materialism. This episode was plot driven and at last absolutely nailed the growing problem of marginalization of homosexuality in our school systems. The performances of Chris Colfer and Max Adler were on a par with serious mainstream American television and regardless of whether one berates the show for cheesiness or not with this episode it finally matured and dealt with these serious issues head on and did so with a grown up script and in a manner that was open and constructive.
On the note of social problems our very own Shift Page at Nuig has made national headlines including with the Irish Examiner regarding the social issues related to the growing trend of humiliation and playfulness regarding tagging someone caught in the act! The actual reverberations of being tagged when having a supposed private movement being performed in a public place can be catastrophic with employers and family members witnessing these particularly lewd acts. There is nothing seriously immoral with uploading a picture of two people kissing if you have the select permission to release it on a public forum yet doing so and then refusing to take it down without their permission should lead to repercussions. The Irish legal system still has penalties for grazing of sheep in public places and crimes involving suits of armor and flocks of ducks showing its backwardness in relation to modern society and especially Internet Law. The Facebook Shift album is merely a phenomenon that will fizzle out and die very much like my earlier controversial articles. We have become accustomed to sex in our society and openly expressing of it whether it be homosexual or non and moving forward a lesson can be learned from Glee and also from the Shift Pages. As a western society we must learn to use the internet to respect as well as interact with others and the uproar regarding these photos will die away but the tags may remain for years to come.

The Talented Dieter Laser,Human Centipede

Dieter Laser, Human Centipede

Hello James!
Here we go. Feel free to ask if you have further questions.
Best, Dieter.

q. Our literature is pretty mind blowing, do you like yeats and joyce and beckett?

a. Very much so – I recently directed and played with 3 musicians in Switzerland Samuel Beckett’s “A Piece of Monologue” in German and English to show the audience the beauty of his original language.

wow what movie did you shoot in galway! of all places?

a. It’s a German TV-movie from 2000 – I would translate the title as “My Green Freedom – a springtime in Ireland” as you can guess some sentimental stuff – but I was the bad guy and therefore it was comfortable enough for me.

Id like to ask you a few questions not about the usual stuff. Human Centipede, but more about you from one actor to another as our college is hosting the ISDA, IRISH STUDENT DRAMA AWARDS festival and the cream of irish college drama will be around and i was wondering could i interview you for our college paper offering advice to young aspiring theatre and film actors

q1 what first drew you to theatre and acting as an art form?

I grew up in a kind of baptists sect and was forced to hear, pray and read at least 3 hours per day the powerful Bible-language of Martin Luther (1545) the first German translator. The good side of this torture was that I developed a love for beautiful, poetic and strong language. Where was a better place to find for this poetic passion than the theatre? So I decided to become an actor – but because I was brainwashed, I first had to accept that I would have to pay for this capital sin by burning in hell for ever.

q2 When you think of Irish theatre of film what comes to mind?

Spontaneously Kenneth Branagh and his great Shakespeare adaptions for film – although he left Ireland quite young.

q3 Do you feel that there are varied acting styles between irish and german actors?

I think Irish actors have more power and they are able to really be rude because they have much more to fight for a living than German actors – security creates cowards.

q4 the two biggest movies to hit ireland of german origin are Run Lola Run and Downfall, do ye think that german cinema often likes to stray into the mainstream?

Meanwhile I very seldom watch theatre or film, I only want to do it. So I haven’t seen “Lola”. – “Downfall” is a very professional made movie – but I hate it because it needs to tell by Credit-Text in the end that 6 Million Jews were murdered! It fits to the attitude “We poor Germans” seduced and blindfolded by demons like Hitler. Thats wrong!! The German People have to admit the guilt of the whole German Nation. In this regard ‘Downfall’ is indeed very mainstream.

q5 What first drew you to your world wide role in Human Centipede?

First, the passion of the director Tom Six and the producer his sister Ilona Six – and second when I discovered the black humor in it and the possibility to portray a cartoonish Nazi-Psyche I had to do it.

q6, What kind of person does it take to play a villain as many striving actors feel that they offer more challenges than a nice pleasant character

Indeed villains are often more interesting to play than pleasant characters! The right looks can help but more important you have to be a “character-actor” just to be only mean or just to be only nice is mostly rather boring. So underneath the entertaining surface you try to develop some kind of personal substance, some kind of your “truth” about human existence. In case of “Centipede” the Nazi-Psyche became my vehicle to drive through the story.

q7, If you had to act with one Irish actor who would it be?

Any actor/actress with passion and a “clean actor’s soul” which means a person who together with her partners wants to give the audience an exiting story and not only wants to tell something about the own personality.

q8, Do you feel that history and especially dotted history plays a role in shaping theatre of our times as we explore and become comfortable with our own patchy history?

I don’t think that I do understand your question properly – but regarding history – I think theatre should always deal with the Past and the Future, preferably at the same time. In my opinion theatre is much too slow to deal profoundly with the actual Presence. The works of the great poets survived decades and centuries because their stuff still covers the presence and still projects into the future. Even the good writers of our time often go back or further on to get a better overview and deeper vision.

q9, who would you most like to play opposite from the world of hollywood film

I don’t know – I have no idol – but I had the honor to play in European productions with Julie Christie and Burt Lancaster, with Glenn Close and John Malkovich – and all of them were “clean-actor’s-souls” and indeed it was a great honor to work with these humble people.

q10, finally will you come back to Ireland and walk into one of our lecturers and scare our proffesors!

Sure thing! I will do so! I’ll come in and say: “Shut up!!! Time has come to finally stop you telling pure shit to the poor students. Go home and talk to yourself in front of your bathroom mirror.”

Romantics or RideManics


We grew up to Spice Girls and Britney Spears, we grew up in the world where  Internet raged and boomed to the moans and groans of www porn and abuse, the generation gap widened, our world wasnt afraid to admit to sex, affairs and divorce and now we feel fit to judge those who have come after us.

The channel 4 TV show Gypsy Weddings, highlights the culture we have encouraged, one of Jordans, Pg 3 models, barbies with huge boobs and skinny waists, tv shows such as Paradise Hotel, and Big Brother scenes of casual sex, are we becoming a western mob of casual sexual deviants devoid of the feelings of love and respect for each other.

Sex has become a commodity, 14 and 13 year old girls are showered with Playboy products  from school bags to jewelery, and boys record teenage girls giving them blowjobs in school yards on mobile phones,

what kind of world are we fostering, one devoid of romance and littered with disrespect and one can call it openness but its also sad as childhood is torn away year by year by commercialism and materialism.

Take A look at MTV and see sexualized music videos showing young girls and guys its OK, to perform certain actions and in numerous locations. We dont want a world of Saints n Scholars, We want  a world of sexual liberation and freedom but when the time is right, childhood should be cherished and preserved not thrown away in a teen disco at 14 to the smell of smoke, taste of body fluids and sounds of Rhianna.

The Gypsy People in Channel 4 are being flooded with this imagery and content and devoid of education are being influenced and mocked by the press. Their culture is precious and they are mistreated but dont put them on a pedestal that we the middle and upper classes have created and fostered and then laugh at them like some kind of Pathetic Shakespearan or Greek Tragedy. We sit alone as creators and destroyers, we stand alone as the generation that saw all and did nothing and now we laugh at the misfortune of others.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

love is over rated but not dreams


Ask yourself the question do we all dream?

do we hope and aspire to be something we are not and to reach for the stars, to be like them, glowing growing burning bright in the darkness of the places and worlds we find ourselves,

One such man is a songwriter called Patrick Sheehy, from a small town in rural Ireland, he has charted his way through personal trauma to redeem himself and catch sight of that biblical star that was obscured by clouds of confusion, addiction and misunderstanding.

From recording tracks in makeshift borrowed and broken equipment in an old caravan in the middle of nowhere battling alcahol addiction, dropped out of college and facing dole queues and bleakness patrick and his rising chart topping myspace page inspired him.

Others loved what he was doing, for every song he penned, recorded and arranged, posted and got played, more and more followed, from his own despair came self belief, out of darkness came some form of light. Last september he returned to college studying music in London and is now the focus of a major irish television documentary called Dingle to LA: The Patrick Sheehy Story which be shot both here and in LA in January when 18times multiplatinum  Eddie Galan sits down to produce patrick’s lead single.

Is music a way out, most people say so, was Dickens right when he showed us how Great Expectations gives you all that you desire but when as humans we turly want to make ourselves and others proud, is success in our lives justified by the size of the car in your driveway, the square footage of  you conservtatory, the number of foreign holidays you go again or who or who doesnt make media coverage their main form of communication via tv and tabloids.

Are we dreaming a false dream?

what makes us succesful is ourselves, and what is success is what makes and those around us happy, not record sales, not appearance fees and magazine spreads

“I have spread my dreams under your feet”

“tread softly because you tread on my dreams”

What we do in this life Echoes in Eternity, for Tomorrow we dine in Hell, you can tax us, you can lie to us and make our lives miserable, but as Irish Citizens we will still be proud as our nation sinks and sinks we will still stand and respect what generations fought and died for after 100s of years of oppression and …invasion. One budget wont knock us, we will rise again

Virtual Reality Tv


Virtual Reality TV

Katie Weissel and Storm Lee are names that will exist in our bubble society for a few more weeks and then vanishing, where will they turn up? A cruise ship in the Baltic sea? In a dodgy leaked internet tape? Or in Celeb Jungle Nonsense or Skating on Ice with washed up careers.  Since the turn of the Millennium our society has thanks to Simon Fuller and 19 Entertainment and a team of extremely smart psychologists working for ITV and Channel 4 become obsessed with Reality Tv, From Idol to Talent and from Jungle to Ice we have been washed around on a tsunami of tabloid driven materialistic frivolous crap. Miss Weissel it has emerged along with Mr Storm have previously tried and failed as recording artists and resort to x factor to try and create a musical career. Its pathetic that this glorified karaoke crap has become a viable option to become a recording artist, even though most of the people who win it cant even spell the word artist never mind write a sentence or a song. Out of curiosity and intrigue for these shows true realities i auditioned and became a  finalist in Big Brother in London this year and also in X Factor Dublin the disgusting way talent is brushed aside in favour of manipulation of fame seekers, people who are hurt or have  disabilities and the encouragement of sob stories and lies was revolting. Mary Byrne already won a talent show on tg4 Nollaig No 1 only a few months ago selling a pathetic  19copies of her lead single yet claimed on national television and also to those of us who auditioned before her and after in Dublin that she never had the confidence till now to sing in public. Once again we are fed lies by shrewd psychologists and tv execs in order to wheel some unfortunate muppet into the public eye before throwing them on the scrap heap of 21st century British television. Steve Brookstein washed up x factor winner, Leon Jackson forgotten about winner, Joe Mc Elderry beaten to number one by a face book campaign with a follow up single that couldn’t even make the top five, followed into number six in the Uk charts by Shayne Ward destroying Mr Cowells expensive purchase of a good Nickleback track. He spent three years recording an album, and returns with an album of covers sprinkled with auto-tune.  Stacey Solomon herself a product of reality tv who didn’t even win X factor is now flogging her existence eating kangaroo penis in celeb Jungle, the step before rehab for washed up wasters who are living off 15 seconds of fame.  When will our society stop texting, stop voting and stop encouraging the Celebration of these so called “Celebrities”! With facebook, bebo, twitter and myspace we have found channels for our human gossip cravings to be satisfied and now we must stand up and accept the reality that what is deemed Reality tv, is virtual, structured, rigged nonsense designed to tap into our emotions, manipulate our minds and pockets and provide a conveyor belt for IDOL/Factor products that are merely fickle purchases on our Amazon accounts and in Tesco carts driven by our consumer society.