If happy ever afters did exist

It’s basic instinct really, you know you meet someone, they give you butterflies and make you get all mushy inside or some nonsense like that, you hang out a bit, you get intimate, before you know it you are in a relationship.

That is when it’s get tough. Relationships do involve power struggles and emotional strengths swaying back and forth. At different times you are “more in love” than the other person and vice versa. None of this is easy. Curbing instincts, desires and submitting yourself to one person alone is damn hard. Often you think you are ready but you are not, while the other person may be and the other way round.

There seems to be no easy way to make it work, our innate desire is to be loved and be heard and cared for. Everyone wants someone else to be there for them and we all want physical satisfaction on some level. To deprive yourself of the opportunity of either or both leaves you hollow, frustrated and angry with yourself and in some cases your world in general.

Happy ever afters don’t exist as there is no ever after, its always more and more, its always building, pruning, maintaining what you have with someone else and trying to make it work.

It’s sad and annoying but as rewarding as relationships can be they are also damaging and demanding yet the good times do out weigh the bad. We are a strange species, we are animals with a strong sense of conscious and self control (without booze). There are times when you need to let go and if you can’t let go and be who you are with your respective other half than they are not your other half, they are the  person in your head you want to convince yourself is your other half.

If happy ever afters did exist it would be damn boring.

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