love is over rated but not dreams


Ask yourself the question do we all dream?

do we hope and aspire to be something we are not and to reach for the stars, to be like them, glowing growing burning bright in the darkness of the places and worlds we find ourselves,

One such man is a songwriter called Patrick Sheehy, from a small town in rural Ireland, he has charted his way through personal trauma to redeem himself and catch sight of that biblical star that was obscured by clouds of confusion, addiction and misunderstanding.

From recording tracks in makeshift borrowed and broken equipment in an old caravan in the middle of nowhere battling alcahol addiction, dropped out of college and facing dole queues and bleakness patrick and his rising chart topping myspace page inspired him.

Others loved what he was doing, for every song he penned, recorded and arranged, posted and got played, more and more followed, from his own despair came self belief, out of darkness came some form of light. Last september he returned to college studying music in London and is now the focus of a major irish television documentary called Dingle to LA: The Patrick Sheehy Story which be shot both here and in LA in January when 18times multiplatinum  Eddie Galan sits down to produce patrick’s lead single.

Is music a way out, most people say so, was Dickens right when he showed us how Great Expectations gives you all that you desire but when as humans we turly want to make ourselves and others proud, is success in our lives justified by the size of the car in your driveway, the square footage of  you conservtatory, the number of foreign holidays you go again or who or who doesnt make media coverage their main form of communication via tv and tabloids.

Are we dreaming a false dream?

what makes us succesful is ourselves, and what is success is what makes and those around us happy, not record sales, not appearance fees and magazine spreads

“I have spread my dreams under your feet”

“tread softly because you tread on my dreams”

What we do in this life Echoes in Eternity, for Tomorrow we dine in Hell, you can tax us, you can lie to us and make our lives miserable, but as Irish Citizens we will still be proud as our nation sinks and sinks we will still stand and respect what generations fought and died for after 100s of years of oppression and …invasion. One budget wont knock us, we will rise again

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